Digitimes Newsletter


Until 2014 our Digitimes newsletter was printed and mailed out to Digitimer customers on an annual basis, however, PDF versions of the most recent editions are also available for download below.

Digitimer now sends out a monthly Email newsletter to our customers, so if you would like to receive this, please contact us providing your Email address or use our webform.

digitimes_cover 2014 – DS7A & D360 Product Updates
2013 – SSD Tissue Chamber, NeuroLog System
2011 – NeuroLog System Accelerometer, DS4 Product Focus
2010 – Gaeltec Acquisition, D360 Product Focus
2009 – NeuroLog System NL109 Bridge Amplifier
2008 – DS4 Biphasic Current Stimulator
2007 – DS5 Stimulator Now Available
2006 – DS7A & DS7AH FDA Cleared
2005 – NL905 Compact NeuroLog System Rack
2004 – DG2A, NL800A & NL844 Launched
2003 – D185 Stimulator Gets FDA Clearance
2002 – 30 Years of Digitimer
2001 – New D360 Amplifier
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