Latest Products


Below is a selection of the some of the newest products that Digitimer has developed or is planning to launch very soon.  Just click on the links visit the relevant product pages where you can request further information about any that are of interest.


DS8 – Isolated Biphasic Computer Controlled Stimulator (Coming Soon)
The DS8R is a new constant current, multi-mode, discrete pulse stimulator for human research studies involving nerve and muscle stimulation via surface electrodes.  It features a high compliance voltage and can be triggered by a TTL compatible input, contact closure foot/hand switch or front panel “single-shot” button.


D440 – 2Ch or 4Ch Isolated Amplifier (Available Now)
The Digitimer D440 Isolated Amplifier is a low noise solution for human EMG studies, specifically those related to nerve excitability. Low noise performance is significantly enhanced through the use of a Driven Right Leg (DRL) circuit which reduces Common-mode interference.


D188 – Remote Electrode Selector (Coming Soon)
The D188 Remote Electrode Selector gives you the ability to direct a stimulus from a single stimulator to one of up to eight pairs of electrodes.  The D188 is supplied with PC software which acts as a virtual front panel, allowing manual switching between stimulation sites, but is ideally suited to situations where stimulation needs to be rapidly switched between multiple sites under remote digital control.  The D188 is not a certified medical device and use is restricted to human research applications.

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