Human Neurophysiology


Our human neuroscience research and clinical neurophysiology range features CE marked & FDA cleared electrical stimulators and amplifiers for intraoperative monitoring (IOM), neurodiagnostics and safe human research applications.  Our isolated stimulators are employed in diverse areas of human research, including cognitive neuroscience, sports physiology, rehabilitation, behavioural psychology and nociception. We also manufacture the D440 2/4-Channel (EMG) and D360 8-Channel Isolated (EMG/EEG) Isolated Amplifiers, the latter being CE marked to the EU medical device directive.  A range of complementary neurodiagnostic accessories is available for use with our electrical stimulators and isolated amplifiers, including the complete range of Axelgaard stimulation electrodes.

Now used worldwide as an effective tool for intraoperative monitoring (IOM) of the spinal cord, the D185 MultiPulse remains the ONLY standalone surgical stimulator with FDA clearance for this technique. With a voltage output of 1,000V and a fixed pulse duration of 50us, it is able to evoked MEPs from the most challenging of patients, allowing effective monitoring of descending motor control pathways during spinal surgery or aortic aneurysm repair.


D185 MultiPulse Cortical Stimulator

The DS7A can deliver 100mA or 1A (DS7AH) pulses in response to a TTL trigger.  The bipolar DS5 stimulator converts a variable voltage waveform into an isolated current output of up to +/-50mA.  Our new DS7R and DS8R units output the same high current as the DS7AH, but offer greater flexibility or more control options for research applications.


DS5 Isolated Bipolar Current Stimulator
DS7A/DS7AH HV Current Stimulator
DS7R Research Stimulator
DS8R Biphasic Current Stimulator

Our stimulators can be supplied with a range of accessories to facilitate integration with operating theatre equipment and stimulation preferences. Products include electrode extension leads, electrode headboxes, stimulus switching units (D188), trigger cables and electrode handles.

D185-HB1 Electrode Connection Headbox

D188 Remote Electrode Selector
Electrode Connection Headboxes
Trigger Cables
Electrode Holders
Miscellaneous Items

Our range of neurodiagnostic accessories are suitable for intraoperative monitoring, evoked potential, EEG, EMG and nerve conduction studies.  It includes needle, bipolar felt pad and bar electrodes, as well as self adhesive stimulation pads.


IOM & EEG Accessories
EMG Accessories
NCS Accessories
EP Accessories
Axelgaard Electrodes

We currently offer two isolated amplifiers within our clinical neurophysiology range.  The D360 is a fully MDD CE certified medical device and is appropriate for making recordings from up to 8 pairs of differential electrodes.  The D440, which operates in AC or DC modes, is available in 2 (D440-2) or 4 channel (D440-4) versions and is currently only certified for human research applications.


D440 2 or 4 Channel Isolated Amplifier
D360 8-Channel Patient Amplifier

The D175 Electrode Impedance Meter permits checking of electrode impedances, while our D179 Performance Checker can be used in conjunction with a calibrated signal generator to confirm that the your amplifier gains are within specification.  We also provide an Audio Interface and Serial to USB Adaptor for our D360 amplifier.


D175 Impedance Meter
D177 Biofeedback Unit
D179 Performance Checker
D360 Audio Interface
Amplifier Cables


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