Isolated Amplifiers for EMG / EEG


Digitimer has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of instruments including isolated biological amplifiers intended for surface electromyography (EMG) and electroencephalography (EEG) recordings. Our EMG / EEG amplifiers are designed to meet the requirements of the European Medical Device Directive (MDD) and in some cases are fully certified to this directive. We currently manufacture two models of isolated multi-channel EEG / EMG amplifier for medical or human clinical research applications.

Our D360 8-Channel Patient Isolation Amplifier is a highly specified 8 channel amplifier designed for differential recordings from surface EMG electrodes or low channel number EEG recordings during diagnostic tests, clinical trials or human neurophysiological research studies. The D360 features a high maximum gain, versatile band-pass and notch filtering capabilities, electrode impedance checking and manual or TTL controlled de-block, which can be useful in reducing magnetic stimulation artefacts. It is also possible to link multiple D360’s together to realise systems of 16, 24 or more channels operated under the control of a single host computer.

Our most recently developed isolated amplifier is the D440, which is available in two or four channel variants. The D440 was designed for users requiring a lower channel number and specifically those interested in making recordings during nerve excitability studies of sensory and motor nerves. Low noise performance was a key requirement for the D440 and it has proved exceptionally capable when used to make sensory nerve action potential recordings (SNAPs).

All our amplifiers feature analogue signal outputs making them compatible with any commercial data acquisition systems and the Humbug 50Hz/60Hz Mains Noise Eliminator that we also offer.


4 Channel Isolated EEG Amplifier for Electromyography


D440 2 or 4 Channel Isolated Amplifier
The Digitimer D440 Isolated Amplifier is a low noise solution for human electromyography (EMG) studies, specifically those related to nerve excitability. The D440 features an amplification range of x100 to x20k. The gain, filter and mode settings for individual channels are adjusted using our own “virtual front panel” software or other software via a COM interface.

8-Channel EEG EMG Patient Amplifier Electromyography


D360 8-Channel Patient Amplifier
The D360 is a computer-controlled 8-channel patient-isolated AC-coupled biological amplifier and analogue filter system, CE marked according to the European Medical Device Directive. The system comprises a main amplifier unit, a remote active head-box and dedicated Windows compatible control software.   As one would expect from a high quality evoked potential amplifier, the D360 provides the user with a high maximum gain and versatile bandpass filter settings. The D360 is ideally suited to research or diagnostic use, as an electroencephalography amplifier (EEG), electromyography amplifier (EMG) or evoked potential amplifier (EP).

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