Peripheral Stimulators

Digitimer manufactures a wide range of isolated constant current stimulators suitable for human research and in some cases clinical applications.  Our DS7A and DS7AH stimulators offer high voltage and current capabilities for most peripheral nerve/muscle stimulation applications that require a medically approved stimulator.  In the case of the DS7A/AH units, they are not only medically approved in the EU, but also have an FDA 510(k) listing for marketing in the USA.

In the Bipolar DS5 stimulator, we provide a MDD CE certified stimulator which can be driven by an analogue voltage waveform, allowing for external control of stimulation with arbitrary waveforms.  The DS5 is of particular interest to researchers investigating human nerve excitability using the QtracW Threshold Tracking software, also available from Digitimer.

Finally, two of our newest stimulators have been specifically designed for human research use and allow for greater flexibility in terms of external control and output capabilities.  The DS7R has the same output capabilities as the DS7AH, but has less restricitive pulse durations settings, while the powerful DS8R stimulator also has the output capabilities of the DS7AH and DS7R, but adds multiple methods of external control, made possible by a USB connection and software API.

None of our stimulators come with output cables or electrodes, so please review the options we have available or let us know what type of electrodes you would like to use with our stimulators.



DS5 Isolated Bipolar Constant Current Stimulator
The DS5 isolated bipolar stimulator allows computer control of stimulus amplitude and timing parameters and has a maximum constant current output of ±50mA. It has been designed to speed up and enhance human peripheral nerve diagnostics by facilitating semi-automated nerve excitability tests. It also has roles in wider aspects of clinical neurophysiology research, including psychological, vestibular system and nociceptive testing.



DS7A & DS7AH HV Constant Current Stimulator
Suitable as a general purpose electrical nerve or muscle stimulator, the DS7A provides up to 100mA constant current high voltage pulses of brief duration for percutaneous stimulation during investigation of the electrical activity of nerve and muscle tissue. The DS7A is also commonly used in pain research applications. The output current is continuously variable over the range 0 to 100mA from a maximum compliance voltage of 400V.



NEW DS7R HV Constant Current Research Stimulator
A research alternative to the DS7A and DS7AH, the DS7R High Voltage Constant Current Stimulator provides the output capability of the DS7AH, but with greater pulse duration flexibility. This flexibility does mean that the DS7R is not medically certified, but it has been designed and manufactured according to multiple medical device standards



NEW DS8R Biphasic Constant Current Stimulator
The DS8R is a new constant current, multi-mode, discrete pulse stimulator for human research studies involving nerve and muscle stimulation via surface electrodes. It features a high compliance voltage and can be triggered by a TTL compatible input, contact closure foot/hand switch or front panel “single-shot” button.

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