Stimulator Accessories




Electrode Switcher
The new D188 Remote Electrode Selector gives you the ability to direct a stimulus from a single stimulator to one of up to eight pairs of electrodes.  The D188 is supplied with PC software which acts as a virtual front panel, allowing manual switching between stimulation sites, but is ideally suited to situations where stimulation needs to be rapidly switched between multiple sites under remote digital control.  The D188 is not a certified medical device and use is restricted to human research applications.



Electrode Connection Headboxes
We supply a range of electrode connection headboxes which are ideal for converting the 4mm outputs from our stimulators to 1.5mm touch proof connectors found on medical electrodes.  The D185-HB4 is the simplest and most popular headbox, which provides the user with a single pair of output connectors.  The D185-HB1 provides five pairs of output connectors linked in parallel, while the D185-HB3 offers five pairs of outputs as well as SEP electrode isolation circuitry specifically for intraoperative monitoring applications using our D185 MultiPulse Transcranial Cortical Stimulator.



Trigger Cables
The D185 MultiPulse Transcranial Cortical Stimulator is compatible with most commercially available intraoperative monitoring systems and as a result we offer a range of trigger cables which can be used to connect between the D185 and the various types of trigger input and output connectors present on evoked potential amplifiers.



Electrode Holders
Our stimulating electrode holders have been specifically designed for use with the D185 MultiPulse Cortical Stimulator when employed for deep nerve stimulation.  The large surface area felt pads and multiple contact points optimise current spread and effective stimulation for neurodiagnostic investigations of peripheral nerve block and associated neuropathologies.



Miscellaneous Items
We also offer a range of accessories compatible with our stimulators, including output plugs and cables, a medical grade foot switch and replacement felt pads for the electrode handles.

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