Transcranial Electrical Stimulators


The D185 was the first transcranial stimulator designed for transcranial electrical motor evoked motor potential (tceMEP) based intraoperative monitoring (IOM) of the spinal cord. It is now used extensively throughout the world to protect patients from post-operative paraplegia. Today, the D185 remains the only FDA cleared, standalone device for transcranial electrical stimulation appropriate for MEP monitoring.  

With a voltage source of 1000V, the D185 is not only suitable for transcranial stimulation, but also has a role in stimulation of spinal roots or nerve plexi for neurodiagnostic purposes. The D185 Transcranial Electrical Stimulation Device is of particular benefit during investigation of physical motor root damage or demyelinating neuropathies which produce nerve conduction block.



D185 MultiPulse Cortical Electrical Stimulator
Now used worldwide as an effective tool for intraoperative monitoring (IOM) of the spinal cord, the D185 is the ONLY standalone surgical stimulator with FDA clearance for this technique. The D185 transcranial stimulator allows transcranial motor evoked potentials (MEPs) to be used in surgical procedures such as scoliosis correction, spinal tumour resection and thoraco-abdominal aortic aneurysm (TAAA) repair.



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