NeuroLog System



The NeuroLog System is a compact, versatile & modular instrument which can be configured and easily re-configured for use in:

  • Extracellular recording (see NL100AK Headstage and NL104A AC Preamplifier).
  • Intracellular recording (see NL102G DC Preamplifier).
  • Pressure/force transducer recording (see NL108A Pressure Amplifier and NL109 Bridge Amplifier).
  • Multi-channel isolated EMG/EEG amplification (see NL844 and NL820A 4-channel isolated amplifiers).
  • Pulse generation timing (see NL301 Pulse Generator and NL304 Period Generator).
  • Electrical stimulation (see NL800A and various pulse timing modules).
  • Signal processing & conditioning (see NL125/6 Bandpass and NL134/5/6 Four Channel Filters).


The modular nature of the NeuroLog System means that in many cases a researcher will use one NeuroLog System as a hub to monitor several parameters of interest simultaneously as well as trigger other devices or provide electrical stimulation.  The NeuroLog System is available with a choice of two cases/power supply units – 19″ rack mountable NL900D for up to 13 modules and the compact NL905 for up to 4 modules.

Not sure what modules you need for your NeuroLog System application? Please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 01707 328347 or by emailing us at to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can take a look at the various application notes we provide.

These modules accept an analogue signal, which is converted into digital outputs. The NL601 has a digital counter which produces an analogue output proportional to the count, while the NL201 is an amplitude/window discriminator used for detection of neuronal action potentials (spikes), during electrophysiological recording.


NL201 – Spike Trigger
NL601 – Pulse Integrator

NeuroLog System includes a range of amplifier modules designed for a variety of electrophysiological recording applications.  Our amplifiers are suitable for intracellular, extracellular microelectrode and gross electrode recordings as well as isolated multi-channel EEG/EMG.  The range also includes bridge amplifiers for force and pressure measurements.


NL100AK – Differential Headstage
NL100RK – Stimulus Control Headstage
NL102G – Intracellular DC Preamplifier
NL104A – Extracellular AC Preamplifier
NL106 – AC/DC Amplifier
NL108A – Pressure Amplifier
NL109 – Bridge Amplifier
NL120S – Audio Amplifier
NL820A – Isolator
NL822 – Two Channel AC Preamplifier
NL844 – Four Channel AC Preamplifier

The NL202 AC Signal Delay is an analog signal delay unit utilizing a ‘bucket-brigade’ delay line, providing a low-cost unit and almost continuous representation of the delayed signal. The NL254 calculates, using digital circuitry, the ‘instantaneous frequency’…


NL254 – Ratemeter
NL506 – Analogue Switch
NL703 – EMG Integrator

The NL405 is a digitally controlled pulse duration generator and is used to produce precise pulses of adjustable duration with high accuracy and repeatability. This module combines many of the features of the discontinued NL401 Digital Width…


NL405 – Width/Delay
NL501 – Logic Gate
NL505 – Flip Flop
NL603 – Counter
NL730 – Pulse Shift

These modules provide the basic pulse generation mechanism within a NeuroLog System. When appropriately used, the NL301 Pulse Generator and NL304 Period Generator can initiate repetitive pulses/periods which can be used to synchronize external devices…


NL301 – Pulse Generator
NL304 – Period Generator
NL412 – Pulse Box

The NL800A Stimulus isolator is a compact source of constant current stimulation, however, it requires an input voltage (provided by the NL510 Pulse Buffer or NL512 Biphasic Buffer) to control the output pulse duration and amplitude.


NL510 – Pulse Buffer
NL512 – Biphasic Buffer
NL800A Constant Current Isolator

The NEW NL905 Compact Case & Power Supply unit provides researchers with a smaller alternative to the NL900D Case. The NL905 has space for up to 4 modules and is fully compatible with all existing NeuroLog modules.


NL900D Neurolog System Case
NL905 Compact Neurolog System Case

The NL125/6 band-pass filter module employs two active sections to control the high and low pass characteristics. The low-frequency cutoff point can be set continuously from 0.5Hz to 5kHz with a single turn potentiometer, in four switched ranges.


NL125/6 – Band-Pass Filter
NL134/5/6 – Four Channel Low Pass Filters
NL143 – Three Channel Difference Amplifier
NL144 – Four Channel High Pass Filter
NL530 – Signal Conditioner
NL540 – Inverting Attenuator (Alt. Gain)

To enable the user to make full use of the NeuroLog System, we make available a wide range of accessories – at least some will be required for each and every system. No accessory leads or connectors are supplied with the modules…


Accessory Kits
Adaptors & Adaptor Cables
Sockets (for cable mounting)
Sockets (for panel mounting)
Plugs (for cable mounting)
Extension Cables
Electrode Holders
Miscellaneous Items

The Neurolog System includes a range of transducers and accelerometers for making measurements of in vivo pressures, muscle force and limb acceleration or tremor. Disposable and re-useable pressure transducers…


Pressure Transducers
Force Transducers

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