A/D Interface Modules


Digitimer offers a range of AD Interface Modules such as NL201 – Spike Detection Trigger and the NL601 – Pulse Integrator each of which can be used for a number of different scientific applications.

The Spike Detection Trigger is intended to be used as a recorder-matching amplifier or a bridge amplifier, while the Pulse Integrator is used to produce an analogue output.

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NL201 – Spike Trigger
A gated amplitude discriminator for neuronal spike detection and detection of other events which produces separate output pulse trains for spikes which (i) cross the upper voltage threshold, (ii) cross the lower voltage threshold or (iii) cross the lower but not the upper threshold. Two potentiometers control window height and aperture settings.



NL601 – Pulse Integrator
The NL601 has a digital counter which produces an analogue output proportional to the count. A pulse at the input socket increments the counter towards a full scale count of 255, 2550 or 25500 which is selectable by the front panel scale switch. The counter will continue to increment on input pulses until the unit is reset.

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