Digital Modules


Digital Modules and Digital Pulse Generators from Digitimer can interact with a range of devices and switches. Some Pulse Shift Modules can cooperate with an assortment of logic levels and varying voltages. They can also offer input, output, or a combination of digital lines.

Some of our Digital Modules include an LED indicator which illuminates to show when output levels are considered to be high. Each of the products we supply
in this area are made to provide exceptional reliability and to produce results with a high accuracy.

If you require further information regarding our Digital Modules, or you wish to discuss any of our stock with a member of Digitimer staff, do not hesitate to get in touch be emailing us at Our contact page also details alternative way to reach our team.



NL405 – Width/Delay
The NL405 is a digitally controlled pulse duration generator and is used to produce precise pulses of adjustable duration with high accuracy and repeatability. This module combines many of the features of the discontinued NL401 Digital Width and NL403 Delay/Width into a single unit. The NL405 produces TTL logic output pulses (of both polarities) that have a duration set using three decades of thumbwheels and a seven (7) position range switch. It also features a press to start button,…



NL501 – Logic Gate
The NL501 module contains two logic gates each with two inputs and complementary outputs. Both of these gates can be independently configured by PCB mounted switches as either 2-input AND gates or 2-input OR gates. The open circuited inputs are automatically held low for the OR function or high for the AND function and a further switch allows expansion of the second gate to take the output of the first as a third input. This enables a 4-input AND gate or a 4-input OR gate to be realized.



NL505 – Flip Flop
The NL505 can be operated either as a “set-reset” flip-flop or as a “toggled” complementing flip-flop. This makes it useful in setting up conditional and “single-shot” stimuli, and testing logic outputs for the presence of pulses, logic levels etc. It has three inputs, Set, Complement and Clear, and two outputs (Q and Q’) all of which drive or are driven from TTL logic (ie +5V and 0V). A LED indicator is illuminated when the Q output is at a high level.



NL603 – Counter
The NL603 Counter is a two-decade counter incorporating a display. It can function in three different modes to give counting, gating of an external pulse generator or division of an input frequency. The unit has a GATE input as well as a RESET to allow electrical control. Multiple units may be combined for higher count or resolution.



NL730 – Pulse Shift
The NL730 contains a delay line consisting of a 500 bit shift register, with associated gating and clock logic. Logic pulse trains applied to the input emerge from the output after a delay which is set by the front panel rotary switches (Delays of 1.25, 2.5, 5.0 and 10 msec with a multiplier switch of x1, x10, x100 and x1000 giving a delay range of 1.25 msec to 10 secs).

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