Generator Modules


Digitimer stock a range of Generator Modules such as the NL301 Pulse Generator, the NL304 Period Generator and NL412 Pulse. Capable of producing reliable, accurate results as well as a high level of functionality our selection of Pulse Generator Modules can perform to your needs as you require them – be it continuous use or through manual triggered uses.

The Generator Modules we stock come in a variety of styles and sizes – we even stock handheld devices which can be used to pulse start an experiment.

For any further details on the Digitimer stock of Pulse Generator Modules then please get in touch with our experienced, expert staff by sending us an email at Also, if you visit our contact page you can find other ways to reach our team.



NL301 – Pulse Generator
The NL301 is a low cost module for producing trains of uniform TTL pulses. It can be operated continuously, switched off, or a single pulse can be triggered manually. A “gate” input socket is provided to allow synchronous trains of pulses to be gated-on by an externally applied TTL signal. Pulse frequency is continuously variable over more than three decades and three fixed output pulse widths are available.



NL304 – Period Generator
The NL304 contains a crystal oscillator and frequency dividers for producing a precise, stable frequency standard. It can be externally gated (GATE IN) and synchronised with an external source (RESET input). The pulse train can be switched off and a single output pulse can be produced manually by a front panel push switch. The NL304 is the basic “clock” of the NeuroLog System as it provides the “fine grain”….



NL412 – Pulse
The NL412 is a small, handheld, general purpose pulse generator which can be used to “start”experiments, command the “gate” of a train of pulses or be used with an NL102G DC Preamplifier to “Buzz” electrodes. The NL412 is self-powered by a standard internal 9 Vbattery and is fitted with a 2 m lead terminating in the standard Lemo connector. It is now supplied with all new NL102G amplifiers.

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