Neurolog Accessories




Accessory Kits
We supply accessory kits with our NL100AK (extracellular) and NL102GH (intracellular) headstages, but these kits are also available to purchase as replacements.  The accessory kits include items including gold-plated plugs, short wires and allen keys.



Adaptors & Adaptor Cables
We manufacture a range of adaptor cables which allow you to interface older headstages with newer amplifiers or vice versa.  We also supply Lemo to BNC adaptors to convert single pole Lemo plugs to BNC and T-connectors for splitting signals.



Sockets (for cable mounting)
If you need to manufacture your own adaptor cables, we supply a range of sockets designed for cable mounting, which are compatible with the various types of input and output connector used within the NeuroLog System.



Sockets (for panel mounting)
If you are designing your own custom modules using our NL50 Prototype Module, we can supply you with panel mountable sockets which can be used to allow signals to pass into or out from the module front panel.



Plugs (for cable mounting)
Cable mountable Lemo plugs of various types are available, which allow you to manufacture your own custom cables to carry signals to and from our range of NeuroLog System modules.



Extension Cables
Extension cables are used to extend accessory cables, pre-wired headstage cables or for bringing a Lemo socket out from a front panel to split a signal with a T-connector.



Including standard single pole cables with male connectors on both ends are available in 5 standard lengths (15cm; 30cm; 45cm; 1m; 2m). We also offer Lemo to BNC cables, available in 1m (NL951B-1m) or 2m (NL951B-2m) versions.



Electrode Holders
Including a tungsten micro-electrode holder – 26 gauge hypodermic needle tube soldered into a drilled out 2mm pin and micro-electrode adaptor – 2mm pin to 0.8mm jack (fits commercially available electrodes). We also offer micro-electrode holders for glass recording electrodes of various diameters.



Miscellaneous Items
Blanking panels are available in various widths for covering unused bays in the NL900 and NL905 rack and power supply units. We also provide an edge connector extender cable, which allows access to both sides of a working module for trimmer adjustments, calibration and servicing.  We provide sets of 3 batteries for the older NL800 and sets of 5x GP23A batteries for the newer NL800A.

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