Neurolog System Cases




NL900D NeuroLog System Case
The NL900D is the original NeuroLog System Case & Power Supply Unit. It provides space for up to 13 single width modules. Modules are not only powered by this unit, but wiring within the case allows signals to be passed between modules without the need for a mass of cable connections through the front panel sockets. The NL900D measures 133mm (H), 483mm (W) and 317mm (D).



NL905 Compact NeuroLog System Case
The NL905 Compact Case & Power Supply unit provides researchers with a smaller alternative to the NL900D Case. The NL905 has space for up to 4 modules and is fully compatible with all existing NeuroLog modules. As with the NL900D, modules can communicate via internal connections, reducing the number of cables required. The NL905 measures 130mm (H) x 164mm (W) x 271mm (D).

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