Stimulator Modules




NL510 – Pulse Buffer
The NL510 converts TTL input pulses into output pulses of 0 – 10V or input drive pulses for the NL800/800A Stimulus Isolator (below). Precise output amplitude control is determined by a 10 turn dial. The voltage output can make this a suitable stimulation device for preparations which require a non-isolated, LOW voltage stimulus.



NL512 – Biphasic Buffer
The NL512 provides an interface between any biphasic signal generator and two NL800/800A Stimulus Isolators (below). This combination produces a flexible biphasic stimulator, which can be controlled by a biphasic analogue waveform. Stimulus amplitude is controlled precisely by “current out for voltage in” circuitry.



NL800A Constant Current Stimulus Isolator
The NL800A is a battery powered, opto-coupled isolator (replacing the NL800), which has been designed for low noise applications such as in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology. It has a constant current output, with very high output impedance, making it suitable for stimulation through microelectrodes as well as with gross electrodes.

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