For over forty years Digitimer have manufactured and distributed a wide range of quality electrophysiology equipment, including biological amplifiers, stimulators and other products, used by biomedical researchers worldwide.  We offer a wide range of in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology equipment and currently represent eight companies. Please use the drop-down menus or the product links above to discover more about equipment you may be interested in.

We offer a range of data acquisition (DAQ) interfaces from HEKA, including the LIH8+8, incorporated into the EPC10-USB patch clamp amplifier. Such DAQ systems are predominantly designed for high speed electrophysiology data acquisition, including voltage and patch clamp recording.  The NI boards we offer have been chosen for compatibility with QtracW, a specialist threshold tracking software for human nerve excitability research.



Digitimer manufacture and supply biological amplifiers suitable for many biomedical research applications. Our NeuroLog System range includes biological amplifier modules suitable for intracellular recording, extracellular recording, isolated, multi-channel recording and transducer (force or pressure) monitoring.


Digitimer NeuroLog System
Digitmer D360 Patient Amplifier
Digitimer D440 2/4 Isolated Amplifier
HEKA EPC10 Patch Clamp Amplifier
HEKA EPC10/n Patch Clamp Amplifiers
HEKA EPC800 Patch Clamp Amplifier

Techniques involving manipulation under microscopic control are vibration sensitive, therefore, it is necessary to invest in a good anti-vibration table as the first stage when assembling a new electrophysiology rig.


ThorLabs ScienceDesks & Faraday Cages
Narishige ITS Anti-vibration Platforms
Narishige Double Magnet System
Narishige SBP-2 Baseplate

Our range of pneumatic cell injectors includes the PLI-10A and PLI-100A Pico-injectors from Warner Instruments and syringe based injectors from Narishige.


PLI-100A Pico-injector
PLI-10 Pico-injector
Narishige IM-11-2
Narishige IM-9B
Narishige IM-9C
Narishige IM-6
Narishige IM-400
Syringes & Injection Accessories

Signals recorded using biological sensors and other high impedance devices are often contaminated with 50 or 60 Hz noise corrupting the content of these signals and degrading the quality of subsequent data analysis. The Hum Bug noise eliminator offers a novel solution by subtracting mains frequency interference from your signal in realtime without filtering.


Representing the AutoMate Scientific, Harvard and Scientific Systems Design, we supply chambers and temperature controlled micro-incubators for many applications.


AutoMate Perfusion Chambers
Medical Systems Micro-incubators
SSD Brain Slice Chambers

Digitimer manufactures the D380 Iontophoretic Dye Marker, useful for neuroanatomical dye labelling when a current injecting amplifier is not available.


D380 Dye Marker

Narishige have a reputation for manufacturing high quality manipulation equipment used in many fields. We supply the full range of Narishige coarse and fine manipulators for electrophysiology and injection.


Electrophysiology System Manipulators
Injection System Manipulators
“YOU” Compact Manipulators
Stereotaxic System Manipulators
Chronic Manipulators
Manipulator Microscope Adaptors
Accessories & Consumables

Digitimer represents Alpha MED Science Inc. and their range of multielectrode array (MEA) systems.  Developed from the Panasonic MED64 system, Alpha MED now manufacture the most sensitive in vitro MEA systems available for extracellular electrophysiology.


MED64 – Basic
MED64 – Quad II
MED64 – Allegro
MED64 – Plex 4/8
MED64 – Presto
MED64 – Mobius Software
MED64 – MEA Probes

Automate Scientific design and manufacture a range of automated perfusion systems for in vitro drug application or gravity fed in vivo fixation devices.  Products include heated and pressurised perfusion systems and a range of compatible accessories.


Standard & Pressurized Perfusion
SmartSquirt Micro-Perfusion
In Vivo Perfusion (Fixation)
ThermoClamp – Heated Perfusion

Digitimer supply a large range of pipette fabrication tools and accessories (such as heater elements and glass) provided by Narishige, a highly respected manufacturer of electrophysiological equipment.


Pipette/Microelectrode Pullers
Microforges & Grinders
Replacement Parts
Capillary Glass

The DG2A has been designed to provide you with a simple battery powered controller of repetitive stimulation and operates in several modes. It is also useful for determining effective refractory period through use of a second, delayed pulse.  For more complex timing protocols, such as repetitive bursts, please refer to the the timing and pulse generating modules within the NeuroLog System.


DG2A Train/Delay Generator
Digitimer NeuroLog System

Digitimer recommends Thurlby Thandar function generators for use with our D179 Performance Checker. The D179 is capable of attenuating a calibrated output from one of the function generators below, so it can be fed into a clinical amplifier system.  The actual amplifier gain can then be verified against the expected gain, as an amplifier performance check.


TG315 3MHz Function Generator
TG1010A 10MHz Function Generator

Digitimer supplies a range of software packages for use with many of our hardware products from AutoMate Scientific (ValveBank) and HEKA Elektronik (patch/voltage clamp amplifiers).  We are also the sole source of the specialist QtracW nerve excitability/threshold tracking software.
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