Digitimer manufactures and supplies biological amplifiers suitable for many biomedical research applications. Our modular NeuroLog System range includes biological amplifier modules suitable for intracellular recording, extracellular recording, isolated, multi-channel recording and transducer (force or pressure) monitoring. These are presented in greater detail within the NeuroLog System pages. We also manufacture a range of multi-channel isolated amplifiers for human research applications.  As the UK representative of HEKA Elektronik, we also offer their range of biological amplifiers for single channel and whole cell patch-clamp.



NeuroLog System
The modularity of the NeuroLog System means that your system can evolve as your experimental requirements change. You can change the configuration of the modules or add to your existing ones and do this at less expense than buying a complete new set of instrumentation. In many cases researchers will use one system to monitor several parameters of interest simultaneously.

8-Channel EEG EMG Patient Amplifier Electromyography


D360 8-Channel Patient Amplifier
The D360 is a computer-controlled 8-channel patient-isolated AC-coupled biological amplifier and analogue filter system, CE marked according to the European Medical Device Directive. The system comprises a main amplifier unit, a remote active head-box and dedicated Windows compatible control software.   As one would expect from a high quality evoked potential amplifier, the D360 provides the user with a high maximum gain and versatile bandpass filter settings. The D360 is ideally suited to research or diagnostic use, as an electroencephalography amplifier (EEG), electromyography amplifier (EMG) or evoked potential amplifier (EP).



D440 2 or 4 Channel Isolated Amplifier
The Digitimer D440 Isolated Amplifier is a low noise solution for human EMG studies, specifically those related to nerve excitability. Low noise performance is significantly enhanced through the use of a Driven Right Leg (DRL) circuit which reduces common-mode interference. The D440 features an amplification range of x100 to x20k.


HEKA EPC10 Patch Clamp Amplifier
The flagship of the range, the EPC10 shares many of the features of its predecessor, the EPC9, but also possesses many enhancements. The EPC10 is now integrated with the LIH 8+8 data acquisition interface, which features a USB2.0 connection. EPC10 amplifier control and data acquisition is handled by HEKAPatchMaster software….


HEKA EPC10 Double, Triple & Quadro USB Patch Clamp Amplifiers

The EPC10 double, triple and Quadro are the perfect instruments for performing patch clamp recordings from up two 4 cells. Each amplifier is controlled independently through HEKA PatchMaster software.


HEKA EPC800 Patch Clamp Amplifier
HEKA is proud to introduce a manually controllable patch clamp amplifier with analog telegraphing outputs for Gain, Filter Bandwidth, Amplifier Mode and C-Slow. The EPC 800 USB allows third-party acquisition software (e.g. IGOR, Labview, pCLAMP) to read the status of these amplifier settings while recording data.



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