Anti-vibration Equipment


The effects of vibration are well known to those who use techniques involving manipulation under microscopic control, therefore, it is often necessary to invest in a good anti-vibration table as the first stage when assembling a new electrophysiology rig. Our Anti-vibration Equipment products are listed below:



ThorLabs Science Desks & Faraday Cages
Thorlabs offers a series of high-quality, ergonomic and modular workstations that are designed to reduce laboratory vibrations. Science Desks are available in four sizes with three different anti-vibration profiles (rigid, passive and active). Breadboards are provided with smooth or pre-drilled finishes.  Thorlabs also manufacture table mounted and bench top Faraday cages.



Narishige ITS Anti-vibration Platforms
The ITS isolation system provides a stable platform for mounting an upright microscope (supporting all major manufacturers) on a moveable XY stage, while your preparation and manipulators are fixed independently from the microscope.



Narishige Double Magnet System

The double magnet system provides you with a flexible solution to micromanipulator and/or stage mounting based around the principle of height adjustable double magnet stands and steel plates. The range also includes an X-Y base suitable for microscope mounting.



Narishige SBP-2 Baseplate
The SBP-2 is a three-dimensional vibration isolation platform which can be placed underneath a microscope.  The SBP-2 uses rubber isolators to dampen the effects of vibration.

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