Iontophoretic Devices


The movement of charged molecules within an electric field is the basis for the iontophoretic application of drugs or dyes into tissues or cells. Here at Digitimer we manufacture the D380, a handheld, battery powered unit, which facilitates dye labelling of particular cells or regions. Such an iontophoretic device would be of particular use in laboratories where a biopotential amplifier incorporating a current injection mode is not available to the user.



D380 Iontophoretic Dye Marker
The D380 Iontophoretic Dye Marker provides an isolated, bipolar and constant current output intended for cell labelling or cell marking of individual neurons with charged dyes, such as Lucifer Yellow, via iontophoresis. Holding currents of up to ±6nA and injection currents up to ±12nA are possible and precisely set by single-turn panel mounted dials.




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