Perfusion Systems


Automate Scientific design and manufacture a range of automated perfusion systems for in vitro drug application or gravity fed in vivo fixation devices – the range is available from Digitimer. You can see our collection of microperfusion systems from the table below.

Perfusion is the medical term for the passing of fluid into the circulatory system, an organ or body tissue. We provide a vast range of perfusion systems. You can see these in more detail below. They include standard perfusion systems, micro-perfusion systems and heated perfusion systems.

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Standard & Pressurized Perfusion Systems
AutoMate perfusion systems provide you with complete perfusion system straight out of the box. Avoid vibrations from switching liquids by hand and use a ValveBank® or ValveLink® controller for solution delivery so that you can watch results – not switch stopcocks. Many special features are included for easy perfusion control and all systems feature low noise circuitry. Consistent liquid delivery means better data.



SmartSquirt Micro-Perfusion Systems
Deliver as little as 100 microliters of precious drugs, switching between 4 or 8 solutions in milliseconds from a single tip. Minimize cross-contamination with BackStop™ back-flow prevention. Special 3-way relief valve design stops liquid flow quickly. Valves and pressure controls in a small box near microscope – no stand necessary. The system includes a pressurized large-volume reservoir for buffer. Other solutions are stored in 2.5ml cryo tube reservoirs with easy syringe refill ports.



In Vivo Perfusion (Fixation) Systems
Alternative 800ml (91 cm tall) and 140ml (61 cm tall) systems available. One or two users can perfuse two rodents simultaneously with the double In vivo system. Four reservoirs and two stopcocks are mounted for two independent wash buffer and fixative deliveries on the same ringstands.



ThermoClamp – Heated Perfusion
Combination inline heater plus multi-channel focal drug delivery. Maintain bath temperature and rapid drug wash-out with a high-flow bath line while quickly switching 4-8 preheated solutions through the Perfusion Pencil®. Steady 37°C at 5 ml/minute flow rates through both the bath line and tip. Includes everything you need for heated perfusion: power supply, temperature sensors, and inline heater with easy Luer lock tube connections. Designed for use with the AutoMate range of ValveLink and ValveBank perfusion systems.

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