Pipette Pullers & Microforges


Digitimer supply a large range of pipette fabrication tools and accessories (such as heater elements and glass) provided by Narishige, a highly respected manufacturer of electrophysiology and injection equipment. We offer two stage micropipette pullers/needle pullers for production of patch or sharp pipettes, as well as electrode grinders and micro-forges or fire polishers for subsequent procedures.



Micropipette/Microelectrode Pullers
We offer the full range of micropipette/needle pullers from Narishige, including the new PC-100, which replaces the PC-10, the PN-31 and PE-22 pullers.



Microforges & Grinders
Microelectrode Grinders allow glass micropipettes to be beveled in order to produce sharper tips. Such tips can facilitate cell penetration in studies which require intracellular recording or injection. Microforges use a heated element to melt the glass at the end of individual microelectrodes. This procedure can be carried out to produce specialist tools for cell handling during injection or be applied gently to tips to “fire polish” them prior to patch clamping experiments.


Replacement Parts
Puller Heaters –
PIP-5-HE Replacement heating elements for HEKA PIP5/6 pullers
PA-81HA* Heater for PA-81 3mm platinum board
PA-81HB* Heater for PA-81 3.5mm platinum board
PA-81HC* Heater for PA-81 4mm platinum board
PA-91H* Heater for PA-91 3mm platinum board


Capillary Glass

All our Narishige capillary glass is of the highest quality and has been ultrasonically pre-washed.
Without internal glass fiberG-1.2*
Without internal glass fiber, larger ID than G-1GC-1
Without internal glass fiber, pre-washedGC-1.2*
With internal glass fiber, pre-washedGDC-1.2*
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