Digitimer can supply a range of software packages for use with or alongside many of our hardware products.



QtracW Threshold tracking software
QtracW is a flexible, stimulus response data acquisition program with averaging and threshold tracking facilities, for studies of human nerves in vivo and in vitro preparations. It is best suited when the excitability or response varies slowly with time, either due to changes in the stimulus parameters or to an externally initiated treatment, and the data of primary interest are the changes in selected parameters (threshold, amplitude, latency, etc.) of the response with time.



AutoMate Easycode
Program your ValveBank with a Macintosh or PC using easy ‘click-and-drag’ time bars. Save and load unlimited programs to disk, print out program listings, then download your sequences into the ValveBank’s memory with the included serial cable in one simple step.



HEKA Chartmaster
Chartmaster software has been designed to streamline acquisition, presentation and data analysis online and offline. Chartmaster provides tools to enhance experimental design and make analysis more flexible. The high degree of automation provided by Chartmaster makes it possible to design experimental protocols that are impossible with other commercial software products.



HEKA Patchmaster
As successor to the Pulse program family, Patchmaster offers additional features meeting the highest standards of modern electrophysiology. This new software, running on PC-based and Macintosh computers, includes all familiar functions of Pulse, but offers a variety of novel tools aimed at making your electrophysiological research versatile and efficient.



HEKA Fitmaster
FITMASTER features analysis and fitting routines for electrophysiological data. Analysis can be performed on the levels of Sweeps/Traces and Series. Besides standard fit functions such as Polynomials, Exponentials, Gaussians, and Boltzmanns, tailored functions to fit e.g. whole-cell current traces according to Hodgkin&Huxley gating formalism, current-voltage relationships and dose-response curves allow publication-proof analysis of your data.

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