Urodynamic Consumables

Urodynamic Consumables

Here at Digitimer we pride ourselves in being a market leader of Urodynamic Consumables from specialist pump fusion sets to help in the smooth running of urodynamic testing, alongside urodynamic catheters and transducer domes. Our Urodynamic consumables range provide you with high quality, medical grade testing equipment perfect for those working in both the medical and research sectors. All of our urodynamic consumables can easily be fitted to any form of urodynamic machines, making for a seamless and out of the box set-up and use process.

Our pump infusion sets, and urodynamic catheters come in a wide range of sizes and models to ensure you can find the right product for the conducting of urodynamic studies and biofeedback testing.

Full range of Urodynamic Catheters, Pump Infusion/Filling Sets, Pressure Transducer Domes & Accessories to fit all Urodynamics machines. All items kept in stock ready for same day dispatch and next day delivery…



Urodynamics Catheters

• Packed straight for easy insertion
• Oval shaped eye for a smooth extraction of a “piggy backed” bladder pressure catheter
• Colour coded
• Manufactured from PVC
• Sterile
• Individually packed and labelled



Pump Infusion Sets

A quality pump infusion set is a very important component in the smooth running of any Urodynamic test. Digitimer Pump tube sets are designed to work with the appropriate peristaltic pump to deliver fluid at a pre-determined flow rate. Each pump set has a rotating luer connector for a secure fitment to urodynamic catheters and offers excellent value for money.



Transducer Pressure Domes

Digitimer offer a full range of Transducer domes, these are the most hygienic and cost effective solution for high precision measurements. All domes have either a slide and snap OR twist connection for a reassuring attachment. All domes benefit from not requiring any priming medium between the Transducer and the transducer dome. Domes are sterile and individually packed.



Urodynamic Consumables Accessories

Manometer lines are used when extra length is needed, they have a male connector at one end and a female connector at the other.
Setguards are a short connecting tube that house a non-return valve, designed to fit between a pump tube set and filling catheter, this ensures the pump tube set remains free from contamination caused by back flow from the catheter.

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