Urodynamics System Installation & Servicing


For customers within the UK, Digitimer provide comprehensive support facilities to ensure that all urodynamics equipment is delivered, installed and working to the customers satisfaction. Overseas customers will of course have support provided by their local agent, who should always be contacted in the first instance.


Where necessary, depending upon the type of equipment, Digitimer will install, demonstrate and provide training for hospital staff on all new installations. Re-installation and staff training is also available for older equipment that has been moved to another location or when staff changes have taken place. Charges for this service are made at our standard service rates. Please contact us if you would like more details.


Digitimer offer a comprehensive range of service facilities for UK customers and our overseas agents.

Equipment may be returned to our UK office at any time for repairs, however it would assist greatly if you would advise us beforehand. Please ensure that all items are accompanied with full details of the sender and a description of the problem. We will first evaluate the item and then provide an indication of cost before proceeding with repairs. Please see safety notice below…..

UK Customers also have the benefit of Contract Maintenance Schemes where equipment is visited on a regular basis and given a full functional check and calibration. This helps to ensure that customers equipment is kept in the best possible condition and is particularly useful where there is a need for the user to meet demands of their quality system.

We can of course provide a visiting engineer to carry out repairs in the case of an emergency breakdown. Please contact us with details of your requirements so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

Technical Help

Please contact us for assistance as we are always pleased to help customers who may have a technical enquiry concerning the use of their equipment. Overseas customers should contact their local agent for help in the first instance, but we are of course pleased to help directly if required.

Important Safety Notices

Returning Used Equipment
When returning clinical equipment for service that may have suffered contamination, it is important that you sterilise it first and enclose with it a certificate to confirm its safety status. Digitimer may otherwise dispose of any item that is considered to be a health hazard. This is particularly important for catheter tip transducers or any other item that has come into contact with body fluids. Please, never return used needle electrodes to us for any reason.

Needle Stick Injuries
Customers who use needle electrodes are reminded that great care is needed and that once used, needle electrodes left loose can be a serious health hazard to other staff members. It is important that the instructions included with the electrodes are followed together with those that may be imposed by the hospital. Additional copies of instructions are available on request.

After use, needle electrodes must be disposed of safely in an approved manner. Needle Electrodes should only be used by persons who are trained and authorised by their respective hospital / institution.

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